Modern Luxury – Texas Interiors Magazine

Texas Interiors – Issue 3 Summer 2020

With Modern Luxury reaching an audience of more than 16 million, they are the nation’s largest luxury media company, which offers leading brands access to affluent audiences.  We are excited that they have featured David Gappa Signature Fine Art Glass in their Texas Interiors – Issue 3 Summer 2020 Magazine! 

In this issue, you are invited to see David Gappa’s Signature Fine Art Glass Installations, “Cosmic Quest”.

This stunning, luxurious wall Installation can lead you on your next adventure of abstraction.  

“Cosmic Quest” is part of Gappa’s newest “Wallscape” series, which evolved through a collaboration between the client and Gappa’s ideas melding together through molten glass and metal.  To view more artworks like this please, click on this online portfolio link!

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