Glass on the Tracks

The combination of flaming torches, roaring furnaces and molten glass will all be fashioned into final beauty and power through the hands of skilled artisans this fall. Vetro Glassblowing Studio is launching its 10-Year Anniversary event in Grapevine, Texas. The open house event will take place on a Friday night, November 13, 2009 beginning at 6pm. Titled “Glass on the Tracks”, it will take place near Grapevine’s Vintage Railroad Depot complete with a boxcar art glass gallery, courtesy of Fort Worth Railroad.

Vetro’s owner, David Gappa, began his bold initiative ten years ago. First he built his machines, then he opened Vetro’s doors to the public in May 1999. Since then, the studio along with its adjacent gallery has raised awareness and educated residents and visitors of North Texas about hot glass art with its continuous live demonstrations and workshops. It has become a popular attraction for the city of Grapevine, and Gappa’s works have become a part of corporate and private collections worldwide.

Ten years ago, Gappa had also envisioned a hub where glass artisans from all over the Metroplex can gather, work and create together. During special events and large city festivals, it is now common to find a slew of artists in and around his studio demonstrating his/her particular skills with glass. In keeping with this mission, the 10-year anniversary event will showcase glassblowers creating large art glass décor from the furnace and flameworkers creating art glass jewelry and sculptures on the torch.

Beginning around 7:30pm, Vetro will host its well-known “Truth or Consequences Auction” where the artwork either takes the highest bid or else shatters into pieces. This particular auction is yet another of Vetro’s imprints within the world of art throughout North Texas. Alongside the auction will be an opportunity for customers to drink complimentary wine from their very own handblown goblet purchased from Vetro’s “Goblet Grab”. In addition, a raffle will provide customers with a chance to win art glass jewelry, a workshop or a handblown bowl filled with handblown ornaments.

Vetro’s 10-Year Anniversary event will be open to the public with an entry fee of $5 per person.

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10-Year Anniversary
Open House

Friday, November 13
Opens around 6pm

Featuring Vetro’s
“Truth or Consequences” Auction
at 7:30pm

$5 per person

Raffles and Giveaways
Furnace Glassblowing Demos
Flamework Demos
Lampwork Demos
plus the
“Truth or Consequences”
Live Auction

NOV 13!

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