The Legend of the Glass Guillotine

Every year at our annual party – Glass on the Tracks – we feel both anxiety and excitement when pulling out the Glass Guillotine.  During the grand finale Truth or Consequences Auction, the Glass Guillotine takes center stage.

The legend began years ago when we realized that, as artists, we have a responsibility to our clients and the community to look at our art with objectivity.  Each glass vessel is created in our studio with so much passion and conviction that it’s not easy to see any of them be passed by.  So, we had no choice but to make the process of objectivity big and dramatic.

Here’s how the Truth or Consequences Auction works.
Vetro founder David Gappa selects a guest from the crowd and asks a question about Vetro.  If the question is answered correctly, a fine art glass piece is given to the guest for free.  However, if the question is answered incorrectly, the art piece goes up for auction.  The highest bidder is then awarded the art piece, but only if Vetro’s secret reserve price is met.  If it is not met, Vetro artists have to face the fact that the art piece does not hold the value that they thought it did.  So there is no other option but to crush it in the Glass Guillotine.  It’s intense, it’s wild, and it’s at times overwhelming.  Check out this video from Glass on the Tracks XI.


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