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Grapevine Courier Article Features GADA’s upcoming Fall Gallery Night!

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Grapevine Courier features an article about GADA’s upcoming Fall Gallery Night on Saturday, October 4th!

This Gallery Night will expose the public to Grapevine’s artistic pocket in one fun-filled evening! More Details Below.

Grapevine Courier Article - GADA 2014

Fine art event includes six galleries and complimentary food and wine.

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS – Saturday, October 4th 2014 – Grapevine, Texas is known near and far for its wineries, festivals, entertainment venues and bustling historic district. With the recent formation of the Grapevine Art Dealers Association (GADA), it’s also becoming recognized as a fine art destination. To promote the city’s artistic offerings and member galleries, GADA will host its Fall Gallery Night October 4th, 5:00pm-10:00pm along Main Street.

  • A Touch of Paris, 202 West Wall Street, is owned by French artist/instructor Dominique Galleron. Original art on display includes Dominiques’s French-inspired oil paintings done in her bold palette knife style.
  • Great American West Gallery, 332 South Main Street, features the finest western artists in the world with both paintings and bronzes. Subjects include Native Americans, frontiersmen, cavalry, pioneers, cowboys, and ranchers as well as horses, cattle and expansive landscapes.
  • Giddens Fine Art Gallery, 624 South Main Street is run by owner/artist Cherie Giddens and John Giddens who offer a wide selection of paintings and sculpture from local and national artists including work by Cherie Giddens, Fran Chausse White, and Fred Achelpohl.
  • Tower Gallery, located at 636 S Main, in the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau, curator Lynn Rushton , will be hosting the Texas Sculpture Association show and sale. This show is a favorite offering up a delightful mix of contemporary styles ranging from twisted metal to fine bronzes.
  • Holder Dane Gallery and Art Studios, 701 South Main Street at the Historic Cotton Belt Train Depot area, features fine art, oil paintings, bronze and wood sculpture, contemporary art jewelry and fine pottery.
  • Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, 701 South Main Street at the Train Depot, is the home of nationally recognized glass artists specializing in hand blown and lamp work art glass ranging from contemporary lighting and corporate awards to decorative art and jewelry pieces.

GADA Fall Gallery Night will showcase an amazing variety of fine art ranging from the finest of western paintings and horses caste in bronze to graceful, hand blown vases by David Gappa and his team at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery. Complimentary food and beverages, including wine, will be served at each gallery. Studio and gallery owners and artists will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate purchases.

For more information about the GADA Fall Gallery Night, contact any of the galleries or Patricia Dane Bodnyk at 817-789-2334 or

Design Guide Features Artist David Gappa

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Photo by Stephen Reed

Artist David Gappa, transforms highly purified sand materials into works of breathtaking fine art glass from his studio, Vetro, in historic downtown Grapevine. The studio houses glassblowing machines operating at temperatures upwards of 2,000 degrees and features a seating area for live demonstrations open to the public. Right outside the studio sits the inviting and exquisitely lit gallery, which showcases Gappa’s stunning collection of signature fine art glass — Gappa Glass — as well as other pieces for sale from a variety of local glass artists.

While earning his master’s degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington, Gappa discovered his true passion for glassblowing through elective course studies. (Gappa’s interest in glassblowing also led to his partnership with UTA instructor, Jim Bowman, in founding the school’s glassblowing program.)


After 10 years with an architecture firm, Gappa decided it was time to pursue his passion for art glass. “Glassblowing for me is a magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form – and the creation of each piece is a journey,” Gappa said. Drawing upon his studies of the ancient art form that dates back to the first century B.C., Gappa spent five years building the machinery in a barn that would later move to the retrofit farmer’s market known as Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery.

Working almost exclusively with interior designers to create collaborative pieces for their clients, 100 percent of Gappa’s work is comprised of custom designs. Many of the best designers in the state, as well as around the country, come to Gappa with ideas and schematic designs that he modifies and develops for the client in what he calls a cooperative engagement. Gappa finds himself designing for clients with enormous space to fill, which he prefers, since he has an affinity for large-scale installations.

Relying on interior designers to filter industry trends and convey the client’s vision for the project, Gappa focuses his energy on creating works that evoke an immensely powerful effect on individuals, whether for public spaces or private homes.


Photo by Stephen Reed

“The passion of my life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass and sculpting it into its final stages of artistic completion,” Gappa said.

Like many forms of fine art, admirers and collectors will find that art glass is not inexpensive. Because glass is always pricier, especially as an art medium, Gappa educates his clients about cost factors and limitations. The overall price of a commission includes the cost of materials, the overhead of running the machinery, proper fixtures and professional installation. He emphasizes the importance of lighting, hardware, weight and structural factors to ensure the safety and integrity of each composition.

As an artist, Gappa said his favorite commissions are his faith-based works. He appreciates the purity of space and finds joy in creating glass made to inspire meditation and reflection. Gappa regards the signature piece he designed and presented to Barbara Bush as one of his favorites; the piece was commissioned by The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders to thank the former first lady for her continuous support.

One of Gappa’s more recent commissions for a hospital in New Braunfels came to him as a blank slate. The client presented a large-scale open space and asked that Gappa keep in mind New Braunfels’ history for inspiration. Ensuring his design was right for both the space and budget, Gappa created a stylized river theme. Spanning 100 feet in length, the installation features hand-formed steel waves, 160 hand-blown fish and iridized spheres suspending from the hospital ceiling.

Even with his extensive knowledge and expertise, Gappa continues his exploration of design through workshops, conventions and private studies. Learning from master glass artisans such as Martin Janecky and Afro Celotto, Gappa uses innovative glassblowing techniques to further develop his skills and grow his expansively diverse portfolio of Gappa Glass original designs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.29.02 PM
Photo by Lorraine Haan-Stewart

Enrolled in art programs at a very young age, Gappa recognized his enthusiasm for art as early as fourth grade. Embracing his passion for artistic expression, he recalls painting for at least four hours a day from childhood through high school. As a young adult, Gappa studied various disciplines in Europe, spending a significant amount of that time with glass artisans in Murano, Italy.

“I chose glass as an artistic medium for many reasons: the complexity of color and light; the classic beauty of glass; the challenging mental and physical discipline required; and the poetic and seductive nature of molten glass,” Gappa said. His impending mission, which he considers his lifelong journey, is to educate audiences on both the history of fine art glass as a medium and the complex process of completing each piece. “Each creation is the recognition of the joy and beauty that God has given me, transformed into glass.”

A Fort Worth native, husband and father of three girls, Gappa still calls Fort Worth his home. The family lives in an old existing farmhouse, and Gappa’s architectural background lends itself to plenty of home renovation projects. With his Ukrainian roots and his wife’s Lebanese heritage, Gappa and his family enjoy celebrating their culture with homemade traditional foods, and his girls especially love belly dancing.

After a brief stint on the farm with cows, donkeys, chickens and goats, Gappa decided farming was not his forte – glassblowing is, thank goodness.

Feature by Niki Fanara




Dallas Morning News – Learn the Art Glass-Blowing at Vetro in Grapevine

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Step into Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery and you’ll find glass blowers at work, sculpting and turning molten globs of glass with blowpipes, furnaces glowing with fire.

Owned by David Gappa, a former architectural designer, Vetro (Italian for glass) churns out a variety of pieces for both private commissions and the adjacent gallery, which also sells blown, fused and sculpted pieces from artists around the world. You might find Gappa, or one of three other on-staff glassworkers, crafting a range of items including jewelry, decanters and sculpture.

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Glass On The Tracks - Vetro Annual Glass Blowing Party

Glass on the Tracks XIV

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Thanks to everyone for a great night! See you at Glass On The Tracks XV in 2014!

WHEN: Saturday, November 2, 2013 7pm-10pm WHERE: Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Gallery – Grapevine Historic Train Depot – 701 South Main Street, Grapevine, TX WHAT: There is one particular time a year we set aside to sit back, have a refreshing beverage, and celebrate our art and the people who allow us to perform our art for a living. We call this time Glass on the Tracks. Read more »


GADA – Grapevine Art Dealers Association

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Fine art event includes six galleries, live entertainment, complimentary food and wine


GRAPEVINE, TEXAS – August 19, 2013 – Grapevine, Texas is known near and far for its wineries, festivals, entertainment venues and bustling historic district. With the recent formation of the Grapevine Art Dealers Association (GADA), it is also becoming recognized as a fine art destination. To promote the city’s artistic offerings and member galleries, GADA will host its inaugural Fall Gallery Night October 5, 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. along Main Street (galleries are listed in recommended order of visit):

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Vetro’s Annual Second Sale

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You’ve been asking about the start of the sale, and it has finally arrived!  Gappa and his team have an incredible inventory this year of seconds – pieces that didn’t make the gallery cut but are undoubtedly considered fine art glass.  There might just be a slight imperfection that most eyes can’t detect, a color variance that wasn’t intended by the artist, or for whatever reason the piece didn’t get a nod of final approval. Hundreds of creations for 25% to 75% off normal gallery prices.

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Father’s Day Beer Grab

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On the afternoon of June 15, we are dedicating our gallery and studio to the hard-working Father’s everywhere who just want to kick back and enjoy something different. From 2pm to 5pm, we’re opening Vetro’s doors to registered Dads (and their families) to grab the beer glass or mug of their choice. It’s first-come, first-served, literally, because Grapevine Craft Brewery (see below) will be on site to fill your new glass a couple of times with Grapevine Craft Brewery’s newest blend known as “Lakefire Rye Pale Ale”.  Then it’s time for Dad to sit back and chill, watch a little live glassblowing and historic baseball highlights on the flat screen. It’s really very simple.

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